Family Support Program


We accept Family Support Applications any time of the year. In order to determine an applicant’s eligibility for Family Support funding, we must have:

1. A completed, signed Family Support Intake Form

2. Proof of Disability
If we do not have a letter from your doctor explicitly stating that the disability is permanent and/or life-long, then we must have an updated proof of disability every year.

3. Proof of Residency
This must be updated every year.

4. Proof of Citizenship.
If we have proof of your citizenship from a previous year, then we do not need that again.

Please see the Family Support Handbook for more information on qualifying proof documents specific to our local agency.


  • After we receive eligibility items, you will be contacted to finalize the eligibility application process.
  • You will then be notified in writing, via email or letter, of your eligibility status (eligibility criteria can be found in the Family Support Handbook or Family Support Guidelines).
  • If you are found not eligible you will have 30 days to submit and begin the appeals and grievance procedure to be reconsidered.
  • If you are determined eligible your non-identifying applicantion information will be reviewed by the Family Support Local Council on the upcoming quarterly meeting to determine approval based on availability of funds and local council priorities (these can be found in the Family Support Handbook).
  • If you are not approved for funding, you will be placed on a waiting list until funds become available.
  • Applications, with required proofs, received after March 31 will be evaluated but you will be placed on the waiting list until additional funding become available either the current fiscal year or the following fiscal year.


  • Being eligible for funding and being approved for funding are two different processes.
  • Please understand that being a current recipient of Family Support does not make you automatically eligible the following year.
  • If you are not currently a Family Support recipient you may still apply for the present fiscal year.

You may review the Family Support Guidelines for detailed information about the program’s state policies.