Founded in 1957, The Arc Williamson County empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to actively participate in the community throughout their lifetime through advocacy, research, education and quality of life services.

The Arc Williamson County is committed to helping individuals and families locate and access services and otherwise secure their rights guaranteed by law.  Supporting all individuals in securing the right to choose and realize their goals of where and how they live, learn, work and play is the major focus of The Arc. The Arc works cooperatively with other agencies and governmental entities to help individuals and families solve problems or find appropriate services.  

The Arc Williamson County is affiliated with The Arc Tennessee and The Arc United States, and is a community partner of the United Way of Greater Nashville.



The Arc Williamson County can provide assistance to families in locating and accessing services such as Respite Care/Sitter Services, Residential and Supported Living, Employment/Supported Employment, Adult Day Activities, Social and Recreation Programs, Conservatorship and Estate Planning, and Social Security/SSI/SSDI.

At various times throughout the year, The Arc Williamson County offers workshops on various topics of interest to the disability community.  Please visit our website frequently or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

CLICK HERE To learn more about The Arc Advocacy Program.

Family Support

In 1992, the Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation establishing a statewide Family Support Program. Statewide funding for this program is determined by our state legislators on a yearly basis. The program is administered by the State of Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities  and managed by The Arc Williamson County in Williamson County. The program is designed to assist individuals with  disabilities and their families to remain together in their homes and communities. Services provided include but are not limited to reimbursement for day care, respite care, specialized supplies, home and vehicle modifications, and equipment.  To apply for the program and to get further information please CLICK HERE.

Independent Support Coordination

Independent Support Coordination Services include helping eligible persons and their families to identify, locate, and access all proposed Medicaid Waiver Services, other necessary services and informal community support.   The Arc  Williamson County provides ISC services for individuals and their families in Williamson County through a contract with the State of Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Open Line is a newsletter published by the State of Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities that contains important information, not just about policies, public hearings, rules and webinars, but also about rights and stories of people who are supported to live the lives they envision for themselves. The newsletter is published each Friday and can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

If you are trying to reach The Arc Pick Up Service, that is The Arc Davidson County and Greater Nashville that administers that service. Please call 615-248-4112.